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Website Design & Development Overhaul for a car rental business in the US

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The US car rental landscape is evolving rapidly, with digital interfaces now pivotal. Amid intense competition, businesses like SuperTransportationService are contending with a shift from traditional models to digital-driven operations. Today, a robust digital presence isn’t a luxury—it’s a necessity. Consumers demand intuitive websites with transparent pricing, comprehensive fleet displays, and user reviews. Moreover, the dynamic nature of car availability necessitates real-time booking systems integrated with clear calendar displays. Recognizing these imperatives, SuperTransportationService sought Eezitek’s expertise for a critical website overhaul, aiming to enhance its market relevance and competitive edge.

Website Design & Development Overhaul for a car rental business in the US

In recognizing the need for agility and versatility, Eezitek initiated the transformation by transitioning SuperTransportationService’s website to a more robust hosting platform, followed by migrating the site to WordPress. The platform’s scalability was crucial for STS’s anticipated growth and the need to stay updated with industry shifts.


Eezitek then brought STS’s fleet to the forefront, showcasing vehicles through high-quality imagery, specifications, and transparent pricing. This, combined with an integrated booking form, made it easy for customers to reserve their preferred vehicle, ensuring a reduction in potential booking abandonment.

A calendar system was integrated to display real-time vehicle availability, a must-have for the dynamic nature of car rentals. To foster trust and gather feedback, a review system was embedded, allowing clients to share their experiences directly.


Lastly, Eezitek augmented the website’s reach and utility by ensuring mobile optimization and SEO best practices. Additionally, features like a secure payment gateway and live chat support were incorporated to enrich user experience and facilitate smooth transactions.

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